SMH emergency medical care program is designed for 24/7 availability to cater for patients, adult and paediatric, in need of urgent medical care and to treat the presenting conditions and consequentially or alternately hand them over to the next required level of care.

Emergency care facilities are appropriately demarcated into reception, separate Triage and Resuscitation areas for adult and pediatric patients. Facility has a well-equipped procedure room, Minor OT, and 22 observation beds.

Effective procedures are in place to counter any Covid-19 related and other infection-related issues.

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• Adult acute medical and surgical care
• Pediatric acute medical and surgical care
• Advance life support for adult and children
• Cardiology emergency care
• Advance trauma management
• Gynaecology and obstetric emergency care
• Minor injuries and fracture and management [/expander_maker]